Cory & Kristine Cramer

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Cory and Kristine knew they wanted to be a part of God’s work in Eastern Europe when they heard a message on the Great Commission during chapel at the Master’s College in 2011. In Eastern Europe, less than 1% of people know Christ. This immense and immediate need, led the Cramers to take their first steps toward Albania. After years of serving in their churches in student ministries, Cory and Kristine had grown to share a passion for discipleship, the local church and God’s global mission. In 2011 they graduated with degrees in Biblical Studies and continued walking through open doors. In 2012 they led a team to Albania and hosted an English Camp for youth. It was during this camp that God gave Cory and Kristine a love for Albania, the young people, the culture, and a heart to see Albanians find salvation in Jesus Christ. Cory and Kristine are now planting a church alongside a national pastor in southern Albania in the city of Pogradec.  This team hopes to build a church that will bring many to saving faith in Jesus and result in a transformed generation for their church and country. Cory and Kristine have three children, Shiloh, Taliah, and Jude.




Alvaro Canie


Meet Alvaro. He grew up in Pogradec, searching for God, going to mosque and always finding himself getting into trouble. In 2011 God graciously drew him to himself through a soccer camp that he attended in Jr. High where he first heard the gospel. From there, he began to study the Bible with a missionary and 3 other boys. Over the years, his passion for Christ and for evangelism have transformed his neighborhood and family. Since the church in Pogradec began he has become involved in every ministry in the church and has become a leader. In 2015 he attended a 6 month Bible school which grew his knowledge of the Word. For the next 2 years he will intern with Thrive International Missions. Alvaro will continue to be equipped and trained so that he can continue to have an impact in his church and city.




Daniel Reimer


Daniel is a creative artist who has a passion for Albania and cross cultural missions. In 2012 he was a part of a short term team to Albania where he helped run an English camp for youth. With the need for more Gospel workers in a region where less than 1% know Christ, Daniel felt compelled to go. A door opened up in the following years for Daniel to serve full time in the Czech Republic helping to pioneer a creative communications team for another missions organization. In 2016 he returned back to the states to acquire more bible education and ministry training. Daniel desires to see the Church in Albania thrive in it’s pursuit to become more like Christ and bear good fruit in His name. His role as creative director for THRIVE Missions functions to provide support and communication resources to THRIVE missionaries and to engage with North American supporters. 



Cory Cramer

Missionary in Pogradec, Albania


John Pleasnick

Pastor at Faith Bible Church (Temecula, CA)


Wyatt Martin

Pastor at Alderwood Community Church (Lynnwood, WA)


Ryan Colburn

Grace Church of the Valley (Kingsburg, CA)