One of the beauties of missions is that it brings together believers from all over the world. Those who send, those who go, and those who hear. There are mulitple layers, facets, and connections that need to take place in order for missions to function. 

It is not just the missionaries on the field. They are not alone in the work they are doing. They are on the front lines, learning the language, planting the churches, reaching the neighborhoods and cities. But, the ministry taking place is part of such a greater community of believers. 

In America, the prayer warriors, the supporters, the short term missions teams, and the missions committee all play a massive role in what God is doing. It’s truly an incredible network that God has put together. 

So as missionaries, we often feel that we are caught inbetween two worlds. The world we come from, our families, supporters and churches, and the world we have gone to minister to. And communicating to everyone back home can sometimes become a job in and of itself!

But one of our goals, is to bridge the gap between the missionaries and this network. And the reality is, with all the technology available today, this is much more possible than it ever has been before. And this is exciting! Because people get to hear about what God is doing all over the world in a way they never have before! 

As we have thought through the best way to do this, Daniel Reimer has become a very clear answer. Not only has he been involved with Thrive’s ministry in Albania since the very beginning, but he now serves as Creative Director for Thrive and has already began to use his skill set to communicate with all of you. He has made all the videos throughout the years, developed the website, formatted our emails and so much more. 

But as the ministry here grows, there is so much more to communicate. We want everyone to see and know what God is doing here. We want you all to be a part of it as tangibly as possible. 
We are so excited for Daniel to move here at the beginning of 2019 to bridge this distance to an even greater degree. 

Not only will Daniel be here to serve as Creative Director but he will be involved in the ministry taking place. This means discipleship, equipping and training. So as he dives in, he will help us share with you everything that the Lord is doing here.